Retired Programs

Perhaps you have noticed some changes at Connections, Inc.? Sometimes our community projects just don’t work out, and sometimes they inspire even better spin-off ideas! Our discontinued programs are listed below 1) for nostalgia’s sake (we loved each of them!) and 2) so that if you are considering creating something similar, you can contact us for resources and/or a few words of wisdom.

We have a beautiful vision of what the world will look like when people are more compassionate and understanding, but to be honest, we’re using a very exciting version of the guess-and-check process to get there!  We’re learning, so thank you for your patience and for taking this journey with us.

Participants delivered their unwanted clothes to the closest family on the “clothesline.” That family took what they could use, added a few things from their closets to the leftovers, checked our customized program website for their destination address, and passed the bag on to the next home. Members could subscribe to receive clothes on separate men’s, women’s, and/or children’s lists. It was a never-ending cycle of sharing without the need to schedule pickups! (And it morphed into our Community Chest.)

Neighbors helping neighbors. An attempt to revive the old barn-raising tradition. Individuals and organizations contacted us when they needed help with a specific project. We collected all of the details and sent out a job invitation that registered volunteers could use to RSVP! All of the projects were group activities that could be completed in a single day with skills that were fairly common to the average person. Our goal was to schedule a variety of opportunities so more community members could get involved, and we wanted people, unique in a million ways but alike in their desire to be helpful, to meet and become friends. (You can still volunteer with Connections, Inc. in other ways by signing up here!)