Poster Suggestions

When we get together to share messages with the public, we ask everyone to bring a poster to hold.  We love to see all the unique designs and creative illustrations. 🙂 

  • Please keep the statements positive, choose facts that are appropriate for all ages, and use BIG letters!
  • Check out our Pinterest boards for examples or create your own!

Not sure what to say?  How about…*

(Click a topic below to see the full list of suggestions for that category.)

Animals and Non-Violence In General

Animals Farmed for Food

Animals Used in Research

Animals Harmed for Entertainment

Animals Hurt for Clothing

Animals Abused for Products

Wildlife Challenges and Concerns 

Companion Animal Issues

Animal Agriculture and the Environment

Healthy Plant-Based Diet


*We are constantly updating this list, so check back soon! 

If you have a suggestion to add, please contact us!*