Our goal is to get everyone thinking.  Sometimes we surprise people who are out and about around town with mini lessons.  It’s fun to be a conversation starter!  And sometimes we organize actual “events” to introduce ideas that need a bit more time and explanation. Either way, for it to make it on the Connections, Inc. calendar it has to be interactive, hands-on, colorful, engaging, fun.  No exceptions!

In addition to popping up on the boardwalk, in local parks, and on random street corners, we sponsor presentations, discussions, film screenings, workshops, and field trips that allow the general public to learn from new experiences and interact with experts.

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Connections, Inc. wants to help organize community events and programs that build relationships, spread kindness, and promote sustainability, service, and/or activism.  We will be planning multi-generational free or low-cost field trips to visit natural spaces and animal sanctuaries, to carry out community service projects, and to take advantage of other local learning opportunities.

We would also love to participate in your event by tabling or hosting an activity that will bring awareness to humane education issues and/or teach healthy habits.  If you would like a Share Table at your event, we can take care of that, too!  Feel free to contact us anytime.