Just Animal Rights Activists

Let’s make Hampton Roads an animal-friendly area! 

We are working to connect community members interested in discussing local animal issues and brainstorming ways to get the rest of Hampton Roads talking about them, too.  This is your chance to do more than just eat vegan, buy cruelty-free products, or adopt a companion from the shelter.  Come be part of the animal rights movement.  No experience required!  All ages welcome!

Our Goal: Encourage people to think about how their everyday actions impact the other creatures in our world.

Our Method: Peaceful, educational, family-friendly activities.

We want to have a team ready for action when a city council or school board asks for feedback, when quiet reminders are needed at a grand opening or annual event, when community festivals offer tabling opportunities, etc.  We need people who want to hold signs, write letters, offer food samples, draw with chalk, answer questions, and more.  Together we can speak up and make a difference!

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