Connect the Dots

Kids have such curious minds, big hearts, and inspiring imaginations that we create activities just for them! Our Connect the Dots program is dedicated to youth and families. We believe that it is never too early for children to develop healthy habits and see how they play a part in the world around them. And, of course, humans of all ages can be helpers!

Interconnectedness can be taught in age-appropriate and fun ways.  We offer workshops, lessons, field trips, and activities on a wide range of topics.

All of our public events for families are listed on our calendar and included in our e-newsletter.

We love to partner with local youth development and afterschool programs, elementary/middle/high school classrooms, and homeschool/unschool groups to provide presentations and hands-on activities as requested. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a one-time or recurring Connect the Dots activity for your kids!

And if you want to collect even more ideas about how to incorporate humane education into your home and/or classroom, please explore our website’s resources section and connect with us on Pinterest.